Tuesday, February 5

Back to college

Well semester two has started. No more lectures now, just 16 weeks of preparation and testing in my FYP. Looking forward to finally doing some actual science! One thing our course is missing is actual practical science. We do a good bit, but we don't do near enough. Anyway...

Was working at the weekend, both days. Rugby and Badminton. Sizx nations game was great to work at, big crowds, lots of pressure from IRFU and lots of chances to fuck up. Pitty the game was a bit muck. Got to watch the other two matches over the weekend too. Wales game was fantastic. Think i found my other team for the season! Took Saturday night off to spend some time with myself and my x-box. Haven't just totally slobbed out in a while, didn't go mad with food or beers but just sat on the couch playing games all evening. Went over to Andy's on Sunday after work. Played some Killer Bunnies with the lads and watched the super bowl. 2am heading home, and in for college on Monday. Needless to say i was wrecked yesterday.

Got my new ergometer for my FYP though, its a thing of sexiness. SO easy to cycle on and so plush. Very very happy with it. Brought the manuals home now just have to digest them so i can understand how to use the bloody thing! Working from home today, made some pancake mix, gonna feast tonight!

Turbo session tonight, way to windy to even contemplate going out on the bike. Just going to do some power intervals. Will post up the session later.

Going training on the inter-varsities course tomorrow. Hopefully a few of the lads will come out so we can get a good spin in. See what happens. Going to head from my place out to college then the course, should get in 70-80km in total tomorrow. Nice long day in the saddle.

Booking a physio appointment for my ankle today. Pissed off with it.

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