Friday, March 27

Stuff getting better

Well big big thank you to James at OC Tuning for fixing my forks. Gave him a ring to see what he could do, met up at the Cycle Inn and had it done in 5 min's. Replace the schrader valve unit and i'm back in business. So I'll stick them back on my XTC on Monday and go have a blast on Monday evening.

Heading over to Manchester today to do a half marathon on Sunday, been running and riding this week as well as a few easy sessions in the pool. Did a nice fast session on the treadmill last night. 5mins WU@9kph, 5mins@12@kph, 2:30mins walk, 5mins@13kph, 2:30 walk, 5mins@14kph, 2:30 walk, 5mins@15kph, 5mins 9kph, 2:30 walk....then 25mins ride @60% HRR. Felt good when i got home, and nice to get a fast interval session in before i head over. Going to cram myself with vit C and CHO over the next few days, i have a cold lurking in the back, i can feel it looking to pop up.

On the plus side...TOYS!!! Some new stuff arrived:

Some lovely pink Oury grips for my Carve, to go with the pink pedals, 3 Tuffo tubulars, and some new MTB rubber - Conti Vapor's i think... Look decent in mud...we shall see.

The tubulars are actually red, not pink, and the yellow sidewalls look awesome on the Zipp's. I'll stick up some photos when i glue them on.

My sexy new photo chromatic glasses from Spesh. Full frame, no foldy bits. Lenses are allot faster than the ones on my Spuiks. Fit nicer, also........

....they weigh 35g' cool is that.

Sunday, March 22



Went to go riding up in Djouce with Waggers today. Idea was to be a relaxed 3 hr spin, kicking back and just enjoying the trails. First off, had a massive headache, secondly forgot the GPS (part of the idea was to get a .gpx file for the Djouce Trail Challenge), then to add insult to injury just starting into the sinlge track up XTC and my left pedal sheers off the spindal still attached to my shoe. Ok.... bodge time me thinks....even though in my head i knew it was fucked. 5mins of sulking trying to fix it before we just rode the 100m back to the van. Pissed off does not describe how i was feeling. Not even close...

Sulked my way to Enniskerry village where we got some chower and i had a pint. I bitched for a while and Wag's just laughed. Drove back home and now i'm looking for some new pedals. Grrrr. Should be able to return the other ones though as they have a 2 year warantee.

On the plus side i got a 3 hr ride in yesterday, freezing cold but at least i got the miles in. Going to the cinema tonight i reckon, better than surfing the web and spending money i dont have.

Tuesday, March 17

Ohhh what a weekend +2

Wowza, the weather has been fantastic. This time last month i was up to my ankles in snow, now im up to my thighs and elbows in lycra. Yes the arms and legs are out, not sure for how long, but they are working on their tannage.

Saturday it all began, was down for an easy 3hr ride so went out to Howth to check out the new carbon bling on my race bike and make sure the setup is all good. Hit thetrails easy but ended up ramping it up by the end, hit some of the normal trails the wrong way round and gunned it. The whole place was dry, no mud, and grippy as anything. Rolled back home, 28km of trail better.

Sunday was the Djouce Trail Djouce woods....ehhhh. Met up with some friends of old (Paul and Dianna from my climbing days) and drove out the the race. 160 riders, sun, blue skys, new trails and no mud. WOW. Big congrats to the rest of the WORC lads, what a trail, and what a race. 17km of excellent racing. Came 36th, but i think i may have had a bit of a short route and missed maybe 10 mins of trail :/ Its all good. Felt strong, but need to work on my technical riding, must get faster on the tough stuff.

The long descent (orange) was unreal worth all the up

Monday....still sunny...still warm....what to do.....MTB of course! Did some work getting bikes in order during the day, baked some scones, made some changes to the all day MTB and then 5pm met Wag's after he finished work and right back out. Another 28km loop on the locals, not using the whole new trail but 80% of it. Still haven't rode the whole loop together! Off the trails in the dark at 7:00 and rolled back to the house with a big big simple. Out to Mike and Louise's engagement drinks in Porterhouse north....for a few beverages...and some food...and planning.

Decided to make Tuesday (Paddys Day) a long day on the MTB weather dependant...well what can i say. It was a cracking day. 78km later, i was wrecked, happy and covered in thorns and scratches. Great great day...and i didn't have a P thing....Wag's did!

Flat sections either end was road ;) so not a real 78km....

Friday, March 13

Fajitas and forx

Stupid brand spanky new Fox Forx are busto, need to send them back to Mojo in the UK, ggrrrrr. But at least they'll send me some nice new ones! On the plus side, fajitas last night, man i'd forgotton how much i love mexican food. Have some left over for tonight...mmmm farty.

Been a great week training, lots of bike mileage, nothing to hard but have a good few hours on the wheels. Nice 2hr session on Wed and a great hour half last night on the local trails in the twilight then the dark. Did all the nice climbs in the fading light and topped out on the lovely DH sections just as the night was setting in. Hammering down 'the ladder' when i happened to notice a flash of flurosecense ahead... anchors on.... HORSE! It just looked confused and the rider was happy out, bit of a scare for me but grand otherwise. Back onto the trail and another 30 mins on my own in the dark. Great session!

Long bike tomorrow, nice and easy then the Djouce Trail Challenge on Sunday. 20km loop on some of the new trails in the area. Looking forward to it, sure see how we go!

Tuesday, March 10

Long weeks and longer nights

I have no idea why but as the volume ramps up it takes me longer and longer to get to sleep. Don't know if its that i'm training to late at night, 8pm ending would usually be my last session, or if its that my body just takes hours to shut down. Last two weeks i've been having trouble sleeping, bed by 11 or 11:30 most nights but then cant get to sleep until 1:30 or 2 ish. The effect is that im finding it harder and harder to get my ass out of bed.

Normaly i dont mind this during a recovery week like last week but in the end i just get stressed trying to fit everything into smaller and smaller days. Suppose on top of this the weather has been crap and i can't stand being at home any more. Just killing me menatally.

Last weeks rest did me some good, still had a nice bit of volume but the intensity was well down on normal. Was feeling crap at the start of the week, but as i am discovering this is pretty normal for me on a rest week! By about Wed i was starting to feel up to it again and the head was sorting itself out. Good sessions all week and a nice MTB session on sunday with Wag's.

However on Saturday i went off with Andy to do something i've been interested in for a while. Airsoft. Went out to the Fingal Airsoft site in Stamullen and spent 7 hours sprinting around an old orchard, dressed in camo and wielding a Styer. Best day out i have had in a long long time. However the DOMS i had the day after....dear god. I have not been this sore in so so long.

Hopefully buy an AEG at the end of the month if i can afford it! This is to be my new non sporting passtime.