Wednesday, February 6

Physiotastic news

For the first time ever i went to a physio and they told me i wasn't fucked. WOW, this never happens. Whenever i go to my physio, she tells me i cant do anything for months. This time i was told i was lucky, and that all the weights made my legs strong enough to stop it damaging! Then i was told i should go for a light run over the weekend to test it out! Nice!

So I have some exercises to do, balance stuff, and some stretches. Gonna make sure i do em cause i don't want to get damaged before the race. Decided to enter a triathlon in Manchester in May. Lets me get 3 races in now before the big day. Let me work on my fuelling strategies and pacing. I'm all about the planning!

Back on the bike today. Went out for a nice easy 50km spin. Weather was fantastic. Sunny. God i'd forgotton about the sun. How i missed it. Roads were pretty empty, but i did head out pretty early too. 1 O'clock on the road for 1:45. Feeling stale today. Wasn't quite able to push out the watts like normal. Aimed to keep over 200W for the whole session. Worked out well, but i just felt like it was harder than normal. Don't know why.

Hamstrings and my abductors were screaming at me for most of the cycle. Stretched a bit earlier. Going to do some more after i finish here. Maybe make some more pancakes....

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