Tuesday, December 23

Today i have mostly...

Been cycling and dreaming of Xterra goodness......and I've ordered one of these!

Xt the whole way through, add in some SLX gear I have kicking about, Fox RL's up the front and I'll stick my Oro's on to get the braking nice and tight... can't wait for this to arrive!!!

Going too wait for a month or two more, then i will order me some nice race wheels!!

Thursday, December 18

ABBA, Down Jackets and no heating

Thats pretty much describing my day at the moment.

In the Uk at the mo. Going to do some shopping, hang out with Pauline over here, go to a big dress up ball, and if my thumb is up for it (probably if its not) get in a cross race in Wales on the way home.

Sitting in Paulines house working on the club website and freezing my bits off. So cold over here. Heating is busto, so i have my down jacket on and am for some reason listining to ABBA.... its all good.

The coffee just ran out too....

Does your mother know?

Best race ever.....apparently

Well we had the club cross race at the weekend. It went well. That's saying a little, it went very very well.

Had a bit of a hard day before the race cleaning the course and getting all the last bits and pieces set out. Finally got it sorted and could relax the evening before the race.

Morning of the race was a little more relaxed than i thought it would be. Marked out the course eventually and got all the marshals sorted with the help of the crew who were helping out. Big thanks to all who helped, you know who you are!

By the time the race came about i was wrecked, no other way to put it. I could have walked away and just watched the race and have been happy. But fear not! I raced ;) Had to be done, no way in hell i was going to miss this race.

The feild loved it, it was fast, flowy and led to some serious racing. So many people gave us great feedback on the race. Thanks to the people who raced aswell!

Photos are located at : http://endadoran.com/dcuccCX/index.html

Thanks to Enda for the fantastic shots.

Thursday, December 11

I am jesus...apparently

Well it would appear that i can walk on water.

At least that's what the GPS thinks. Not quite sure what happened but i think it got confused when i stopped to do some running drills! I've borrowed Sparky's Garmin 305 for a bit to see if it suits me. I want to see what the pickup is like over different terain and sport types and mostly in wooded areas.

I'm a sucker for gadgets at the best of times, but the fact that i can hook it up too my Powertap at the same time makes me interested. I also suck at pacing while im running so anything that can help me there is good! Plus it'll be handy for looking at where i am actually running and cycling when im off road!

With sterling so cheap, i may get one when im in the UK.....maybe

Tuesday, December 9

Race day nearly here...

So the club CX race is nearly here. Been working our asses off to get this a good one and hope it works out well. Been kinda sick on and off the last few weeks, random little coughs and sore throats so have been taking it easy as such.

So much work going into the race its been eating me up inside, trying to think of things we have forgoten and what may or may not happen. Going to take it easy during the week as my sleep has been suffering. Just need too ease off and try to have some form of kick for the race!

Supposed to be heading for a CX session in Firhouse, but going to head home and get some training in at the course, then a bit of practice on mounts and dismounts, and a quick run with the bike on the steeper sections of the course.

Man i hope this race goes well...

Thursday, December 4

The Judderman has arrived

By this i mean it is dark, cold, frosty and generally a little scary going outside.


Not that i am being tempted to do evil things by some dude with spiky hair. Although i suppose i am being told to go outside and run by a man with a monkey on his chest....

Speaking of which Rich Brady, aka Tri-Monkey; aka Coach, was over on Monday giving me some pointers and helping me figure out what the aims are for next season. Had some good chats (with much coffee) about where i am at and where i am going with all this training.

Long story short Xterra UK and France are the targets. Haven't talked about much on the domestic scene yet as the calendar ain't out yet, but i think ill be looking at the regular; Fingal,Beast of the East, Dublin City anyway. Going to look at Kinsale and a few other Olys as well. Not tied down to too many races yet, but have too considder the XC season, and a few hill runs as well.

I need to sit with my new 2009 diary, the interweb, some coffee and bank balance to figure out what i can afford to do. I can race a bit more at home this year too as i now have a car! Go me, and thanks Dad for your old motor!