Monday, February 18

Just keep swimming....swimming swimming....

Today was set to be a long day. Cycle to college, test Mike again, do some work, do a swim session, then go to a meeting for college, then ride to get home for about 7:30. I was going to do the session this morning but i felt like pushing it back. Dunno why, woke up well early, just wasn't in a swim mood.

Got into college and tested Mike again. I reckon he was tired cause his numbers were lower than before. Not quite sure why, he wasn't doing much, but you could see his HR just wasn't working. Had some coffee and lunch after and talked a bit about the race and plans for the racing season. Man i'm looking forward to getting my racing groove on again!

Big swim session today. First big one in a while :/

250m warm up. Easy enough, just winding it up as i went.
1,000m main set. No stops, pace it pace it!
3x75m each slower than last

Felt ok for the warm up, sloppy but ok. The first 400m of the main set was horrible, i was nearly going to quit at half way then just mentally forced myself to keep going. Hit the 600m mark and i finally started to loosen out and get some glide on. Man i don't know why it took so long, normally its the first 200m, but this was what i get for not swim training :/ After i loosened out i was fine, just kept swimming. Took a 3 min's break at the end of the set and did some cool downs. Felt good all the way, and form was still ok.

Boring boring lecture, then cycle home. Thankfully i had some spagbol in the fridge for when i got home. Took ages to get home after the lecture. Easy spin on the bike. Nothing savage. Big day tomorrow, training and work! yey more money!

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Mike said...

Hey, I was doing loads of things! My legs just knew what was in store for them and decided not to co operate :)