Tuesday, February 26

Busy busy weekend....well social anyway

Had a good week training last week. Tuesday saw my first Interval session back running since the ankle injury. (4:30 at recovery pace, then 30 seconds at a fast pace)x5. Full session took about 35 min's including a warm-up and a cool down. Felt good for the whole run, felt odd to be back enjoying running! Stretched for a good 30mins after the session, just to be sure to be sure.

Had another good session in the pool on Wed. Was supposed to be a sprint session, but i just couldn't get the pace up, so turned it into a nice steady state session with some tempo work. Did a decent session based about 200m sets and 100m sets, total distance was about 1,000m. Felt good after but a bit tired from the training of the entire week.

Thursday i was heading over to Manchester again. Cycled into college, did some testing, the dropped the bike in the lads house and went to the airport. Peter came over with me so had company on the plane for a change! Didn't do much on the Thurs evening. Friday morning was supposed to be a run session, but i decided to catch up on some sleep....woke up at 9:30 :) Went into town with Peter and Carys (who was up from Plymoth) and faffed for a few hours. Did a bit of sight seeing and met up with Pauline and headed towards the MOSI to see the Body Worlds exhibition. Fantastic. I could rant on for hours about it, but in short it was great to see what we actually have inside and how it all works together! Noel you did a good job teaching me anatomy. Played KILLER BUNNIES!!! Great game.

Saturday was another good day! Chilled out in the morning and went too Decathlon, i had decided i was not going to spend money! Arrhghg how wrong i was. i only spent £3.30 on myself, the rest was on trophies for the intervarsities. Watched the Wales match and the Irish rugby match's. Great games, dang i wish the English would stop beating France! So onto the track we went to watch some racing. Fantastic night. I'll post some photos and videos when i get them off Peter. Best racing i have ever seen at Rev's. probably cause it was GB team sprint selections.

Sunday was an odd day, went to Old Trafford :) Did the stadium tour and looked around the museum. Was odd, i've started watching a bit of soccer again while working, and was a great tour at the Man U grounds. Haven't really supported my team in years, maybe i will pay a bit of attention to em. played a bit of Bunnies on Sunday night again.

Up early Monday, bounced our way back home on the plane, and straight into college via tea and picking up my bike. Did a bit more work, met my other supervisor, then cycled home. Man i was tired. So very tired. Didn't sleep to well either, i hate when i get to wrecked to sleep, i was up until 2 before i fell asleep, i guess i was thinking a bit too much about the varsities, having too many ideas!

Today i was psyched to get back to training after the weekend off. RRARRRR resting sucks! Did a 35min run today at about 70%. Felt good, HR remained nice and steady for the whole session and i felt good. Going to take a spin out to the TT course tomorrow after testing Tim. Need to remember what its like so i can gauge gears for the TT. I'm going to ride it fixed. No reason not to, im fast on a fixed. Just want to check the corners.

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