Wednesday, February 13

I still got that mojo feeling

Still here!

wOOt! Still training and still loving it.

Monday got a hard turbo session in. Interval session on wattage. Tuesday was a nice 1 hour cardio session in the gym, running and rowing, followed by a 15 mins session in the pool. Cut the swim session short cause i was swimming like crap. No idea, probs just tired from the sessions. So decided to take the evening easy.

Got a cycle into college, then out to UCD later tonight for a classroom session with Triathlon Ireland. Just for intro's for beginners, might be doing one myself for them so figure i should pop out and see what they are doing. Spin should be about 50km.

Thursday i might be doing a max test again, cause the last one was b*&&^*%s. Have to see how i am feeling. Lined up for a recovery day on Friday, maybe a light spin on the bike, working in the afternoon.

Sat i reckon will be a nice long spin, or , go mountain running. Ankle was ok during the run yesterday so i reckon i'll be up for it, see what happens. Sunday, run in the morning, then workage. Swim in the evening.


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