Monday, January 26

Nice little video. Made me think about how useless it is people sitting on a train or a bus for an hour into the city centre when they could just cycle in. Its only 10km from where i am! Nice little 25 mins spin, on the flat. Fair enough with most people we can say 45mins, but with the new cycle to work scheme you would assume that you would see more people cycling to work....nope.

Suppose its in my head since i started running home from college.....

Thursday, January 22

Splitting ideas

So many things to do so little time to do them in. Man i'm busy this week. unfortunately this means that training has suffered a bit :/ not so happy about that but nothing i can do. Between performance testing and doing demo's for schools i've been run off my feet until today.

To top it all i kinda ....well didn't kinda... i deleted my operating system on my new laptop playing about with a dual boot of Linux and Vista....i think trying to put XP on as well broke the baby's back. She got confused and fell over. Either that or the Great Cthulhu sent me a message to ditch Vista totally.

At least i got out on the MTB today. Trails were greasy as hell, but made for some good control work, managed to get a good 10min interval in, all uphill, about 90% effort. Still felt good.

Working on my nutrition a good bit more now. Getting more MAN food soon, so up the protein down the carbs, time to burn this useless Christmas flab off.

Monday, January 12

Lots of new toys!!

So many new toys over the last week or of the best new laptop! Nice new Dell XPS. Yum

Webcam tastic

So what else have i picked up:

  • Pair of nice carbon Zipp 404's
  • Second Powertap to go into said 404's
  • Garmin 405
It's all gadget and speed tastic. On that note i've also decided to split up my normal ranting and training. Stay tuned :)

Monday, January 5

January brings new shiney toys and new thoughts

It arrived. The TNT website lies! They said i would not get my bike before the 5th of January but it arrived on New years eve!

It's lovely. Fast and stiff as nails. Fox Forx are excellent, plush, fast and adjustable. Nice weight on it too. Whole thing comes to 11.2 kg with the basic wheels i have on it. Add in a nice set of race wheels and i reckon i'll have a sub 10.5kg bike! Only been out on one spin as....i've injured myself again. Might have a minor tear in my left calf muscle. Going to take it easy for the week and see what happens.

Sunday, January 4

December round up

Bit of a random month. Shoulder has been at me on and off this month since i dropped the bike again so haven't been swimming much TBH. However bike hours are up and looking good considdering i was away in the UK for a week, and it was christmas and all that:

Bike 7.5hrs - not including commuting time

MTB 7.5hrs

Running 3.2hrs

End of the year and the start of a new cycle. Last cross races are over and its been a good season. However time to put the CX wheels away for a while and get back on the road slicks and start putting in some longer sessions. Powermeter back on the bikes, and time to start chasing numbers!