Friday, February 29

Training mojo is back!

Had a bit of a shitty start to the weeks training. Monday was in essence a write off. Got a cycle in but only 12km , nice high cadance session but i wasn't pushing out at all. Was testing Tues, wed, and Thurs for my final year project. So that got in the way, allot. I don't mind the testing, its the faffing in between i don't like!!!

Had a good run on Tuesday, was supposed to go outside but it was blowing a gale so chickened out and hit the treadmill for 35 min's. Full steady state session, HR was so so stable, was running at 11kph for the whole session felt great, really good. Wed was two cadence sessions on the bike, both 30 min's long. Keeping the cadence over 100 for the whole session with some sprints in too, legs were dead so the run session that i was supposed to do that day got pushed back a day. Then the long fingering started.

Thursday was a speed session in the pool, followed by the pushed back run. So the swim session was a farce. I don't know but i just was about as motivated as a small dead squirrel. Did half the session, decided that i couldn't give a F*^% about the session, got out of the pool in a foul humour and went to the lab. Tested a lad, it ran over, and i had to run to a varsities meeting. This went well, the team are well psyched for the cycling varsities. Went home, sat in front of telly and didn't even pretend to move to go for the run. Wasn't even funny.

Today i got a bit more sleep than normal. Got up about 9.30 and had some breakey, still a bit moody so i did some work for the club, then got some college stuff done. Was looking forward to getting out on the bike, when i noticed i had a puncture. Fixed it, cycling into meet the lads, another puncture! They always come in two's! Surprisingly i wasn't getting angry....weird. Met the lads and had some coffee to put off the inevitable. It was real real windy today.

Headed out towards the TT course for the varsities, man the wind made it a bit of a joke. Just couldn't push out, i was laughing at Tim he was tucking in so close to me to hide from the wind. Little guy kept getting blown out of it. However when we got to the course it was a different story, my racing brain was in gear. Pushing hard with the wind behind me, clocking 65.5kph at stages. Max power for one of my splits was 1049 watts exiting one corner. The worse thing is i know i can go faster!!! Man i'm psyched for the TT , don't care less about the RR once i finish in the bunch to get some decent points. The sprint pirmes will be mine. I am willing to deck to get them.

The mojo is back, if i could bottle it for next weekend i would have more than enough to give to the whole team. Roll on the varsities. Roll on some prizes.

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