Saturday, February 16

This week i have mostly......

Been training! The mojo is still high and i'm getting some great sessions in. Every day i'm waking up, i want to go to college, i want to work on my project, and most of all i want to train! How long can this last?

Wed saw a nice few spins about town, into college, out to UCD, and then home. Attended a TI classroom session for the beginners in Tri thing that's going on at the moment. Was a bit useless for me, but was fun to go too none the less. Nice to see people getting into tri, man they know more than i did when i took the plunge. Think i got about 45km in total on Wed. Nothing to high or hard, most of the stuff was just at a nice aerobic pace.

Thurs was a day off. I was starting to feel stale and i didn't sleep to well on Wed evening. My brain wanted to train, but my conciousness wouldn't let me. Good thing too, cause when i went to bed on Thursday i was out like a light. Had a great day in the lab on Thurs. had Mike in to do some testing for him, he is a pilot study for my FYP. Did a Wingate test and incremental VO2max test with him. He did quite well getting a 61 in the max test. Looks like we have a similar max! Little bit worrying cause i know he has better running economy than me (git). Took the evening off, watched films. Chilling = good.

Friday. Long day in my head. Into college, do some work. Drove in cause i had to do some testing after, and i knew i had a long session planned for the evening. Got home from work. Was worried about my session. First 10km run since i had done my ankle in proper in January. Threw the gear on after much faffing and out the door. Decided not to push out at all, kept my HR bellow 170 and tried to keep a nice pace all the way. First 10mins were hard , i keep feeling like my ankle was about to get sore and start to back off. Eventually i decided to just run. Totally forgot about the ankle and the time started to go! 5km in hit the turn around , watch said 23:10, i wasn't pushing so was happy, stupid happy. Legs really started to loosen out and the running got easier and easier. Had a girl to chase about 200m ahead of me, doing pretty much the same pace. Great to have something to chase! The run home was good, hit the front door and checked the watch, 22:20! Faster! But it felt easier! Man i haven't had a good run in years, honest to gwod that felt great. The whole 51 : 49 split for the distance is starting.

Hit the shower and got straight into compression tights after. Foodage and stretches for the rest of the evening cause i had a hard session planned for this morning. Decided to sleep in the compression tights. First time i had done this so i was expecting to wake up in the middle of the night to rip them off, generally i ain't to good sleeping in clothes. No problems, woke up as the alarm hit 7:30am this morning. Threw on my riding gear, got some food and coffee in. Out the door at 8:10am. Quick 17km warm-up to meet some of the club lads in the Park. Spent the next hour half doing laps on the varsities course. Need to get to know that route by heart, every hole, every climb. Met up with some of the TI folks at the beginners run day. Didn't have my shoes so just chatted then rode home via town and a quick stop in Cyclelogical to get me a new bottom bracket for the road bike. Man those lads are nice to me some times, even got offered coffee today. Saw a lovely new version of my bike , Quintanna Roo Caliente. I didn't ask, if i ask i generally buy. Got the hell outta there with my CC intact...ish. All in all got a nice 74km in today. Came home happy as a pig in poop. Food, stretching and now doing some maintenance on the bikes.

Swim in the morning, then a spot of workage. Going to plan another 10km run for next week. Then a 10km run after a 2hr bike. Need to start the brick sessions big time. 105 days to go!

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