Monday, October 29

Topo-Duo playtastic weekend

For the love of god why didn't the club get a Duo earlier. Best boat ever.

Myself and Ronan took the club Topo-Duo on a rampaging trip on the Liffey, our only goal being to do every weir wrong, and at some point act like idiots. In this we succeeded. Pretty much ran everything the stupidest way we could, Boxes on Lucan were interesting with us ending up going over the high wall by mistake. Standing up and switching places in the boat resulted in a swim (first of many). Playing in the River right hole in Wrens was fantastic, back surfing the boat, front surfing, and nearly getting a full spin in. Only got about 3/4 of the spin until we got stuck in the hole. And then we swam....well i swam and then Ronan joined me in the penguin's credo; 'Never swim alone'.

Good trip all in all, nice spin on the river, and a bit of alternative training for a while!

Saturday, October 27

Training again!


What a day, hit the road at 10:30am. Spun out to DCU and met up with Mike. EVENTUALLY Sean turned up, and we headed out to the Phoenix Park to get some lap's in on the Intervarsities course. Basically the same as the Dublin City Triathlon course. Met up with Diarmuid, one of the new lads in the club -Junior track team, and we started doing laps.

First lap was nice and slow, just getting a quick spin about the course. Second lap we spun up a bit faster, climb was a little harder. Third lap was at a nice fast pace again. Lat lap was a bit of a wind down, but i couldn't resist jumping off the front on the lads. :) needed to get an effort in!

Nice spin back to the college, then coffee and a wee talk about the Ironman with Mike. Nice 10km spin back to my house after, shower, drink and some foodage.

SO far a good day! 65km under the belt, i think some pizza for dinner, then off to Peters for some social painting (Painting his house + drinking beers)

Friday, October 26

I've been sick

Yeah its been a bit of a shit week in training.

I went over to Manchester last weekend, brought the bike which now has a home with Pauline over there! had planned to do a session on the track on the Saturday morning, nice madison session to scare the shite out of myself again. Then was going to go watch the racing at Revolution's that night. Chill out on Sunday, then come home.

What happened was i got sick last wed when out on the river, didn't feel to bad until Friday evening, woke up Saturday in a work of shite. Sore throat, headache, dizzy spells the works. So decided not to race around the track at full speed and just relax. Went for a walk to the nearby shops, half hour away, on the way was overheating and feeling crappy. Felt so bad in the shops spinny spinny bad. Went back to the house and watched Top Gear for a few hours, pumped water and Vit C into my system, then ate. Felt ok and went to the track to watch the racing. Great night, so many great sprinters. Had a few beers. MMM cheap Belgian beer.

Got to bed a bit late, still not feeling great the next morning, watched Pauline zip around the track for a while then went back to fluids and food to recoup. Flew home that night.

Still haven't been feeling to well all week, so took it easy. Been working a good bit lately, lots of testing, and combined with college work its been a bit of a bad week for training. Considering i only felt up to getting back on the bike yesterday.

Spin planned for tomorrow, weights and a run on Sunday, spin on the MTB on Monday, and if I'm feeling up to it (not lazy) I'm going to head out for a quick 5km run tonight. See how things go!

Thursday, October 11

This week i have mostly....

Been catching up on training and friends.

Got the cycling club stuff all up and sorted at the start of this week, we had to do a grant application to the college to see what money we can get. Then got myself out on the bike and into the pool. Have done quite a few short sessions this week , then one long session on the bike on Wendsday, 40km, few hills and nice fast flat sections.

Smoothed to 1 min samples

Most of my pool work had just been skills based, 25m on, 25 off. Alternating between different bits. Also it nice to be in the pool again. Its odd , i took 7 years out of training in a pool after Portmarnock swimming club. Now that im gettin back into it, i feel happy in the water, like an old friend....odd i know.

Other than that i have been drinking a little. Nothing to do with college, well not directly anyway, went out for a night with the Canoe, Swim and Cycling club last night. Then today we had a social thing on in the college from the faculty. Free food and free wine for 2 hrs. Savage. I may have got drunk.....

Back to savage training tomorrow, weights session, and a swim session!

Tuesday, October 9

I want cake

Simply put. I hate trying to eat properly all the time. I want CAKE!!!!

On another note i finished Halo3. Nice. Now to play it some more.

Training.....erm just back from England...very tired...yes tired...

I did two spins today, 10km each, 30 mins in the pool working on technique, only covered about 600m but most of it was with good form.

Going for a spin with the cycling club tomorrow. Should be a laugh!

Thursday, October 4

Stupid rivers.... :)

No idea how i did it but i strained my calf muscles on my left leg after paddling on the river on Sunday last. Either I'm just not used to sitting in a boat again, or i hit a rock a little harder than i thought. Bottom line is that I've not been doing to well on the walking front. Its ok to cycle places, once i don't try to brake on the fixie with my legs!

So haven't been getting in much training in. Ive been cycling to college again, nice to get out and good to be riding to work. We have had our clubs and socs days this week in college, trying to recruit people for the canoe and cycling club. Numbers seem to be down in most clubs, but we got what we want so no issue!

Heading off to Manchester this weekend, yey! Probably wont post until monday again.