Sunday, February 10


I've got my training mojo back.

I've been up every morning at 8am this week. Not just up, but up and energetic. With this my first week in college, never happened together before. I feel like I'm in top shape, despite the fact that I'm still 3kg above race weight!

Had an interesting week altogether, getting back into my training groove finally. Man my finals messed things up. Out on the bike again on friday. Spun into college the long way, and home the long way. During the day i did a 'max' test with the most useless postgrad on the plannet. Not going to get into it, but suffice to say he don't have a clue what he's doing. Quit the test as my max hit 56.3 ml/kg/min. Not because i was at max, but because i was sick of doing cardiac output tests with a bag that didn't allow me to get a full breath in. Was only at 350W. I know i tend to max out at 450W. Funnily enough i felt ok, tired but ok. The last max test i had done i only got too 52.8! So training is working. First time i was tested, 3 years ago after not training for 5 years, i hit 48.9 ml/kg/min. So on the way up :) Not so bad for an old-man.

Did a wingate test in the same day. Yes it was a test-tastic day. Max output was 949W, which is down from normal. Going to put it down to the max test earlier in the day, and the fact that i haven't seen a squat rack in months. Average wattage was 738W which is quite nice over 30 seconds :) Got my bloods done too, all good, don't seem to be any issue's RBC and haemoglobin are all perfecto, moving towards perfect all the time. Got my cholesterol checked again, should get results next week too! Took Saturday more or less off. Did some gardening for my dad and cut the grass. The evening was a tentative decision to go for a run or not. Decided to go for a 15min run to see how the ankle was, all on grass. Its ok, but its not right, felt great, could have pushed but i would have hurt the ankle. Decided to give the duathlon a skip today cause of last night. Good call Greg, good call.

Today, ohh today was a good day. Up early. Nearly jumped outa bed. Straight into cycling gear. Downed a bowl of wheatabix and start, and a quick coffee. Tried to drink a pint of water, but my stomach was having none of it. Out the door on the bike. Rule for the day. No number chasing. Ignore the wattage, ignore the HR, ignore the distance. Just do the planned loop, see what happens. Felt great all day, so fresh, so happy, just enjoying the cycling. Every now and again take a look at the wattage and i was pushing out decent power. Must force self to not chase! That was the hardest, just trying to stop the 'one more watt' syndrome. Felt so fresh for the whole ride. Pushed out a bit longer on the spin than i normally would for this time of the year. Just felt so good! Didn't start to feel tired until 65km into the spin and at that stage i was nearly home!

Stretched, did my exercises, and put on some compression tights. Chilled out and watched the rugby. Man i want Italy to do well! No idea why, i just do. On such a mental high at the moment, its like a negative man period! Love it! 2 sessions tomorrow, light run and pool. Hope this keeps up!

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