Thursday, April 2

Half marathon is... not as bad as i remember.
Last one admittedly was on the end of a 1.9km swim and a 90km bike mind you, but the Wimslow Half was actually pretty good fun...if you call running 21.3km fun.
First 10km or so were nice, easy pace just tipping under the 5min/km pace. Sitting nice and easy and enjoying the weather. Started to pick it up for a few km then for no good reason my hamstring on my left leg kinda started nagging, then just said no to going fast. Dropped back down to 5:07/km and took it easy for a bit, at about 17km could pick it up again to 4:44/km but by then the time damage had been done.
Still finished in a decent 1:45:17 but should have been under the 1:40:00 and closer to the 1:35:00 like i was hoping. Not gutted, just sticking it down to not having tapered much for it, and to be honest it was a training run. Weather was cracking mind you so the day felt great. Pauline did it in 1:37:?? which is a great time, and first time she's ran that far...although to be honest i wasn't surprised she did well :)
Been back and 'recovering' in Dublin. Tha has ment 2-3 hr rides most days on the local trails. So so so dry, on the fast tires and they are squirming with the rock hard trails. Bike is covered in dust, no mud, bit of horse poo but sure its all good.
If the weather keeps up i'll probs hit the local loop again tonight.

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