Sunday, April 5

Crash bang wallop kaboom.


Went out late enough to go for a MTB spin with the Wags. Wanted to do a long long day in the saddle but the mountains was not feeling it.

First hour of climbing was grand. All up hill, nice and dry and nothing that wanted to hurt me. Then we started to descend a lovely section 3km long of excellent fast double track over roads. Locally known as Man-tequila.

Brain freeze, sloppy sloppy riding all the way down, couldn't hold any speed, fluffing up all my lines. I've been riding this trail for the last 10 years and i just couldn't do it fast or even partially fast.

Managed to survive and ended up gutted shaking my head, even my mate was wondering WTF was going on. But being the chirpy sort we kept on keeping on.

Next section was a lovely 30 mins climb on fire road and single track up onto Cruagh and Glendoo, all good, hard-tail loves every minute of it....oh then it rained, and i was using dry tires... then it went tits up.

Well i hit a bog hole is a better term, and it was deep, and i sank bike and all up to my nuts, and i got pretty stuck (funny) but not on the top of an exposed ridge with no proper protection and arms and legs soaked.

So as i was at risk of hypothermia we dropped of the ridge down the lumpy fell. Great fun, then travelling through a section that had recently seen some burning. Like riding through the lava fields of Lanza. The smell of burning and charcoal...arrgh not paying attention.

5m of airtime, 2m of vertical falling. Crunch on chest and shoulder. Instantly winded and shooting pain in my chest. Wags ran over to me as i'm rolling about trying to breath. Got breathing again, and then the hurt started. Not good, not good at all. Managed to get off the hill via some farmers front garden, rode on road back to the car and fell in.

Looks like a few probably broken ribs, hoping they are just badly bruised. Collar bone is ok, and the shoulder is ok. I hate breaking ribs...saying that its been a while.

Sorry rant over.

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