Friday, March 27

Stuff getting better

Well big big thank you to James at OC Tuning for fixing my forks. Gave him a ring to see what he could do, met up at the Cycle Inn and had it done in 5 min's. Replace the schrader valve unit and i'm back in business. So I'll stick them back on my XTC on Monday and go have a blast on Monday evening.

Heading over to Manchester today to do a half marathon on Sunday, been running and riding this week as well as a few easy sessions in the pool. Did a nice fast session on the treadmill last night. 5mins WU@9kph, 5mins@12@kph, 2:30mins walk, 5mins@13kph, 2:30 walk, 5mins@14kph, 2:30 walk, 5mins@15kph, 5mins 9kph, 2:30 walk....then 25mins ride @60% HRR. Felt good when i got home, and nice to get a fast interval session in before i head over. Going to cram myself with vit C and CHO over the next few days, i have a cold lurking in the back, i can feel it looking to pop up.

On the plus side...TOYS!!! Some new stuff arrived:

Some lovely pink Oury grips for my Carve, to go with the pink pedals, 3 Tuffo tubulars, and some new MTB rubber - Conti Vapor's i think... Look decent in mud...we shall see.

The tubulars are actually red, not pink, and the yellow sidewalls look awesome on the Zipp's. I'll stick up some photos when i glue them on.

My sexy new photo chromatic glasses from Spesh. Full frame, no foldy bits. Lenses are allot faster than the ones on my Spuiks. Fit nicer, also........

....they weigh 35g' cool is that.

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