Sunday, April 26

Rest weeks are super...thanks for asking

Been a while, last week was tough, very very tired by the end of it and didn't think i would get through the weekends training. Sucked it up and just HTFU. Did it knowing that this week would be a rest week.

Had a good week though, took it easy enough, did my nice easier sessions with only 9.5 hrs this week. Weather has been a bit shite to say the least so i didn't mind pool time or running. Pauline was over for a few days so managed to get a few good sessions in. Mainly a class session up in Wicklow hills. Post some photos tomorrow.

Wednesday night the first of the Irish Mountain Running Association (IMRA) summer series started out in Bray head. Its a trail run i haven't done in a long time. Pauline was going to do it but her leg was at her. So got a lift out and home from the race!

Great race, felt strong for the first time ever while running. First kilometer was up hill, averaging 16%. Kept it steady and didn't go to hard, picked it up after the first kilo and started to wind it up. Hit the second trig point feeling strong and turned for the downhill. Lost one place on the way down, but managed to get paced all the way home by the second placed woman. 35:40mins for 6.5km off road with 495m climbing. Had a good fight at the end with a bunch of 5 runners, beat all the puny little weaklings...nearly passed out...but beat them. Came in 46th at 125% of the winners time. happy out!

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