Wednesday, April 8

Round up of first quarter

So over a quarter of the year is gone and how has it gone Mr May?

Well i think, feeling strong, bar when i fall off and mangle myself and i reckon things still have room to improve.

Where do you think you can improve next?

I reckon my swimming can get better, not logging much time in the pool and to be honest that which i do is not the best, my own fault, so easy to skip pool sessions.

Do you think you have made any major improvements?

Yes, definitely. Aerobic fitness is much much higher than last year, i'm able to push harder for longer and not suffer as much. Running is no longer a chore and i'm bashing out road miles like never before.

Where do you think you need to go next?

At the moment im just lacking any top end power and strength. Need to work on this and need to get my head sorted on the swim side of things.

On a scale of 1-10, how do you reckon you are compared to last year?

Now? About 10, much much more prepared.

Sometimes you just need to ask yourself a few questions to see how you think things are going, i find it works and helps give me a reality check every now and again. Although i think im doing well, internaly this is not always the case. Probably just did this on a good day though ;)

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