Friday, April 10

In the spirit of easter

Cycling is the most simple form that i know to clear my head and rest the angry clock. Every time i go out no matter how crap the weather i come back feeling better than i did before. It has taken me years to realise that i need to reset and how to do it. Simply put exercise is the anesthetic for my emotions and i think i may be addicted to it. Ahh well.

Rebuilt my old Planet X Jackflash as a single speed on Friday. I've been interested in the idea, and it'll make a nice way to get some miles in the legs where i am forced to climb like a beast. Went out but the gearing i chose (34x16) was a bit to much combined with the pains in my chest and shoulders. Never the less i did a loop of the trails in Howth. Great on the downs and lovely on the flowy stuff...climbing sucked. 110mm up front at the mo, and can crack it up to 125. Bit diff to the 80mm i've been used to :)

I was servicing the Psylos so hence it looks like it has 3mm of travel!

Saturday saw myself and Waggers head up to Wicklow to get some riding in. Looks like its my lats and shoulders more than my chest that's hurt so that's a good thing...ehh yeah...shuttup. Fancied some trail centre riding, and Mr Wagstaff wasn't full of the joys of sleep so seemed a good idea. Hit Ballistoe for a quick loop of the trails and avoiding the bimblists was fun. Forgot how different trail centres ride, fast but choppy rather than open and flowy. Odd.

Got bored after first loop so decided to persuade Wags to head up to Djouce for some uber technical riding on the roots and ruts of the Djouce Trail Challenge course. Even better now that its been dug in the course was riding well, took it fairly handy on the climbs and enjoyed the descents. GPS did its things...mostly. Got a bit lost.

Sunday was mostly spent playing with bikes. Pauline got in late on sat so went out for dinner and got to bed late ish. Had a leisurely breakfast then just worked on all the bike bits i need to get sorted, race bike; tri bike; and tubs on wheels. More or less all done now, just need to tweak the gears on the tri bike. I ate an egg also :)


trio said...

Picture of the singlespeed please!

Greg said...

OK then....

trio said...

Lovely, like the grips!

Greg said...

Savage grips, Oury tasty specials, so so comfortable.

Going to get a set for the other two bikes later on in the week when i get paid

trio said...

I've just taken mine off the singlespeed. Loved them but a little wide and after a few hours in the rain started to move on me ;( Gone over to lock-ons for the first time ever!