Monday, April 6

Rest of the weekend was ..

....very very good. Figured i should put this in today :)

Up to borking myself yesterday it was good. Went for a nice long trail run on Saturday 14km in shorts and t-shirt weather was just perfect, light breeze but not enough to make me cold. Brought a light gillet out but didn't need it. Running out on the normal MTB trails makes for some good technical work, and i found a new section, about a km of uphill drag that i didn't even know existed. Might see how im feeling on wed and give it a blast, but i wont be hammering along it for a while :(

Cut across the golf course while sprinting across a few of the fairways just waiting to be a human target. Short cut up over the 4th tee and into an old section of trail...which is now not trail any more...woops. Gorse gorse gorse, how i both hate and love thee. Cut my knees to shreds and my lower legs would have been gushing had it not been for my furry matting... reminds me its nearly shaving season :(

Rest of the run took me up and over Howth with 360 degree views of Dublin. Not a cloud in the sky and gorgeous as i was also the only one up on the head. Did the steep section of the IMRA route backwards and then dropped into the valley and went over the second head out towards Deer Park golf course. Swung into the section that runs through the rhododendron garden and was in a pink warm fluffy heaven of running sweetness. Running on mulch over roots and rock with pink flowers and the smell of summer in the air. Didn't see another body until i came out of the trees at the back of the members bar. People looking at a blood and mud covered blue monster exiting the woods.

Legs were tired at this stage and dropped down the steep hill at mach 2. Calves were having none of this forefoot running nonsense and told me where to shove it. Next 3km on the road it attempted to rain but sure i kept on trucking on. Got home, shower, food, then watched the Grand National. Carnage. 40 horse enter, 17 horse leave. Like the Thunderdome but better.

Relaxing night over in Andys with the lads, playing Halo3 and eating and talking crap. Ate way to much pizza, and drank a beer or 4...non alcoholic mind you. Good night but long one.

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