Friday, April 17

Bring on the flames

The tri season is literally just around the corner. First race for me is in less than 4 weeks down in Wexford. Week after is Fingal tri then a break in the USA for ACSM conference.

Took the TT frame down last week and gave it a good clean, re-did all the cable routing, changed the length of the bars and generally twiddled it about a bit.

I literally cannot wait to get racing on her again. New Powertap in the Zipps for this season mean a lighter more aero back end than last season without sacrificing power readings. As much as i love my disc it pisses me off not having power to gauge by on races.

Now to get a Powertap for the MTB...


SeanMc said...

cool paintjob!

Greg said...

Aye it looks well, love it! Hence the name Flamey