Monday, December 3

Training go now!

So yeah back to training proper now.

Thanks to Pauline for the pics!

Had a good week last week, got a few spins in and a run. Didn't make the pool, had to much actual college work to do. But i should be better this week so i can get back in the pool. Bring it on.

Went over to Manchester on Thursday last week. Nice to get a long break from home and college and to just have a bit of fun and training. Didn't do much on Thurs evening. Friday was great, had a nice aul sleep, did a bit of study, met up with Pauline's mates and had some curry for dinner, then just chilled out for the evening after wandering about town for a bit.

Saturday was a training day, 15km or so spin to the velodrome, 2hours on the track (i nearly died, great session, nice and hard), then a 20km spin home...we may have got lost. Session was good, new coach i'd never trained with. hard session, nice mix between sprint session and an endurance session. Session HR graph thingy below. Nice peak HR of 189 after my 3 way sprint at the end, i wasn't even maxing on it! Felt like i had allot more to give, nice. I enjoyed it. Kate and Brian were there too. Ate more food that evening and wandered to the local outdoors store.

Sunday was a shopping day. DECATHALON!! Best shop ever. So much to buy, thanks Mr. Visa card. The ferries we cancelled so had a panikey hour or two trying to get incontact with Stenna, in the end said 'fuck it, nothing i can do' then went into town to the Christmas market. What can i say, Bratwurst and Beer. Stroopwaffles and Gluhwien. Nice. Much food was consumed as was a few beverages. Slept like a Greg shaped log. 5.30 alarm, rang Stenna, boats are go now! Drove to Hollyhead straight away and got the boat home. Then the Burgerking on the HSS went on fire. Nice. So crazy mad panicked staff moment on the PA, lock-down to my seat, then a period of floating about the harbor, then its ok, and we came home.

Bought me some compression gear in Decathlon, going to go for a weights session and a run tomorrow, will wear the gear on the run to see if it helps after the weights session in the morning. Time to get beasted!

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