Wednesday, December 19

Stupid ankle

Well i did hurt my ankle, it was sore on Friday last when i went for a spin, so even though i was in Manchester i decided not to go to the track. I was wrecked anyway and just felt like chilling out and doing my Christmas shopping/coffee drinking.

However in the name if chilling out, we went skiing! Man i haven't ski'd in so long. I was nervous as hell, forgot most of what i used to know, and once again i felt like a beginner. The place we went to was cool, no pun intended. Indoor ski slope about 180m long and at about 45 degrees, so it looked scarier than it actually was. First question we were asked 'Can you ski? No really can you ski?'

Uh yeah....didn't mention that it had been 2 years since i had ski'd but sure, it wasn't totally a lie. Ski's we had were good, nice floaty ski's easy to turn, but he boots didn't fit me right, need to go smaller next time. Excuses excuses, the fact is that i forgot most of my skills. Even though the first 30 min's sucked, the last 30 min's of the session were class, the middle were ok. Need to go back again, but at £22 a session, i think it'll be one for when i have cash again!

Rest of the weekend was just relaxing, and trying to get warm. It was freezing in the UK, much much colder than at home. Came back on Monday, faffed around yesterday, but took part in a dehydration study for one of the girls in my class. But got two 10km spins in, one easy one interval.

Sitting in a sauna for X amount of time until we had dehydrated by 3% of our body weight. Not the most fun i have ever had, and Grainne decided to call a halt to the experiment when one of the lads started getting nose bleeds 40mins in! Not so good. I did loose 2kg in that time though. Water nothing else. Had a headache till about 8pm last night, the study started at 11:30! Spent the day hydrating and peeing. Watched the new BSG last night (i am a nerd) can't wait for the new season!!

Distracting myself from my lit review at the moment, its due for Friday and i have a little more to do, just not in the mood at all. well the sooner i get this all done the sooner i get too relax for the eating season! Going to go for a light run tonight, on the grass, hopefully the ankle will be fine.

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