Tuesday, November 27

Another weekend MTB

Good weekend again!

Friday went out for a nice fast spin on my local trails in Howth. Did the lower cliff path, to the summit, then down the middle path, and back to the Martello tower in Sutton via the lower path again. Had a minor incident with some gorse, but its all good! Came home and made a cottage pie that was fit for the Gods themselves! Ate large amounts and had a beer or two.

Relaxed the evening, then Pauline came over from Manchester for the weekend. Hung out in town on Saturday with Ide, Una, Pauline and JJ. Did some shopping, ate food, and drank coffee. Nice.

Then Sunday came, and a dry cold day it was. Perfect for mountain biking. Had been chatting to a few mates the night before about the new trail in Ballinsloe Forrest in Wicklow. One of only two dedicated maintained trails in the country, and not officially open! So we went! Me, Pauline and Jeff. Took about an hour to get there, then 3 hrs of riding some of the best trails outside Wales and Canada! Fantastic, well set up, little hard to navigate due to the lack of way markers, but savage all the same. Not to difficult, one section is a bit tricky, but the rest is fast and flowy. Love to get back this weekend, but i'm off to the track to do some training!

Planning a good weeks training:
  • Monday: off to recovery from the weekend!
  • Tuesday: 2x10km spins, tempo pace. Light run 3o mins
  • Wednesday: 2x10km spins, tempo pace. Swim session 1hr, split 50's technique.
  • Thursday: 30 mins run, light. 1hr swim, distance, slow and steady.
  • Friday: off
  • Saturday: 2hrs hard session on track
  • Sunday: 2hrs easy session on track
Thats the plan anyway! Lets see what happens!

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