Friday, December 7

'It's cycling Greg, not science'

Or so said one of the lads over dinner the other day. How very very wrong they are.

Its been a good week training. Very good. Felt quite motivated all week.

Met with Sharon the Nutritionalist on Monday evening. Did a bit of work on my nutrition and worked on a few new things. Took the day off training to relax from the weekend.

Did two swims on Tuesday, in and out to college, the wind was unbelievable. Took the road bike in so i wouldn't destroy my legs. Wed was a nice weights session, got back into the gym and did some new exercises i haven't done in years. Lunges make my ass hurt. DOMS for the two days afterwards. Stuck the compression gear on straight after the session to see how they help! It feels weird to say the least, its very very tight. Odd to get on but not warm when its on. Strange. Kept it on for a few hours to see if it helps with the DOMS. Deffo didn't feel as bad as i have before but it will take a few sessions to check if it helps. Went out with the lads from the cycling club for a christmas dinner. Wagamama's. Tasty.

Thursday was a little sore after the session in the gym so decided to hit the pool. Took a while to warm up but once i got going felt good in the pool. Just did some work on my technique and a few slow-mo 50's. Felt great after, nice and loose. But by the time i got home was getting tight again. Friday was a boring boring day working on my presentation for my FYP proposal. But by 5pm i'd had enough so decided for some coffee, and then a run! Went out in the freezing wind and ran a nice fast 5km. Took about 19mins, but i felt great! No major pains in the legs, breathing was great, knee was fine. And i could have pushed much much harder. WOW maybe this compression gear is worth something!

Didn't try the gear on the run itself, just using it for recovery at the moment. Threw the gear on after the run again just see if it helps more. Legs weren't sore much today. Which is odd. Normally i get 2-3 days of BAD DOMS. But pretty good today after day and a half! Planning a swim in the morning before work. If i wake up!

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