Monday, December 10

A long day in the saddle

Yes it was. The weekend looked terrible, rain wind and freezing temperatures were predicted. But we only got the one. Cold.

Left the house at 9.30am, went over to DCU to collect a few people. First few KM were cold, but i was warming up when i got to college. Picked up 4 lads in college and the spin began.

Went out towards Meath, ended up in Rathoath after an hour and a half. traffic out there was mental, people were going to a Sunday market out in Fairyhouse so were mentally driving down the roads. one of the lads nearly got creamed, tbh he wast even looking where he was cycling when he moved out. His own fault. Went out to Dunboyne to get some coffee, then the group split as Louis and Donogh went off towards home and Lexlip as we went on back to DCU.

By the time i had got home i had been 3hrs 45mins in the saddle and 4hrs 30mins from my front door and back. I did a total of 75km in the day, and at a nice easy average HR of 136bpm. Felt good during the evening. A little tired but not too bad, threw the compression tights on anyway, just to be safe, and had a nice evening watching films. Looking forward to a good week now!

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