Tuesday, December 25

Happy Festive Eating Day

MMmmm food.

I like food. In order to consume more foodage i went for a spin this morning on the CX bike with Frank. Nice little spin, very very easy spin, out along the coast and up over Howth. Fantastic weather. Frosty, but enough sun to go out without gloves! Madness. Only did about 15km or so but it was nice.

Went home and cooked the Christmas dinner. MMM food. Just sitting down watching telly and having a few beers. Going to head for a quick run in the morning, make some breaky, pack my stuff then after meeting Wag's head off to Cavan for a bit of an aul party and some foodage. Then up in Donegal for the next week until New Years day!

I'll post when i get back, or when i get a chance before then. Who knows the wastes of Donegal may have interweb. Planning to get some good training in, then get my plan for the year sorted, pick out my races...ohh and do some paddling too!

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