Sunday, December 23

Cross-tastic weekend

Finally got my Cyclocross bike fully built this weekend. After a shitty week. Ankle was still borked all week. Needed to do some final work on my lit survey. Got it finished on Wed afternoon. Took Thursday off completely. Basically played games on my PC all day. I know i could have exercised blah blah blah, but i was not in the mood at all. Friday was a quick check on the lit survey and the starting of the bike manufacturing.

It is a thing of beauty. Light, fast, and nippy. Nice.

Went out for a quick spin on Saturday in St Anne's. Did a quick shake down on the bike, fast slow fast. Then started to do a few laps on the course that shall become a cyclocross race in Feburary. But more on that later. The bike is class! Out for an hour half, nice easy spin with a bit of speed work. Spent the time working out where to run the race to get the best course possible. Then Kerbdog! Best gig of the season. As per normal an amazing performance, great music, great crowd. Pretty much played both of their albums bar a song or two. Great. Pity about the lack of a decent drinking spot after. Everywhere was packed!

Sunday was a different story. After finally persuading Mike and Waggers to go mountain biking (they were whining about it being cold, pfth, just a bit of frost/ice) we racked the bikes and headed to Ballinistoe Forest. Gave Mike my mountain bike and took the CX bike on the trails. So that made for a fun day. I had brakes of a sort... but no suspension and loads of speed to manage to try to keep up with the lads! Great day was had by all, but i need to get my brakes sorted. We were out for 2hrs 30mins. Good spin, quite tired after, combined with the gig last night i have sore everywhere. Especially with the beating i took with the lack of suspension. i could have gone slower.....but where's the fun in that. Nice work out. 2,000 odd Kcal and a fair amount of work on the legs. Lowest gear was 42x26 so the climbs we painful for sections at a time. But no pain no gain!

Meeting Mum for dinner tomorrow, then going to try for a short run on some soft soft grass, maybe some swimming if not. Then it is feasting day!

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