Wednesday, January 2

Pfth, that was so last year!

Just got back from a weeks paddling and relaxing in Donegal with my mates. Great week, loads of fun, beers, and advetures!

Drove up to Cavan on the 26th, stayed over in Mike and Paulines place in Enzo's (formerly Blacklion). Had some Christmas type dinner with a load of people then watched some films. Finally when we all got the thumbs out we wandered down to the local in the town. Great night with some holly related bleeding. Then when closing time rolled around went into the Bar-Disco-Bar next door! The whole of the town were in the place, including the bar staff from the pub we'd just been in! Long long time later we ended up in the house eating turkey sambos at 4am, helathy i know but shut the hell up.

Early up, coffee and a fry was inserted before we drove to Glencar in Leitrim to meet up with Junior and his nutty family. More coffee. Drove in the direction of Donegal town picking up some shopping on the way. Got to the houses we had rented in Kilcar bay about 4pm, coffee + coffee. Small sleep, then ate some food! Very chilled night watching films and having a few beers. Great to finally relax.

Next few days followed the general plan as below:
  • Wake up, coffee and breaky
  • Faff
  • Go paddling
  • Faff
  • Drive Home
  • Faff and drink coffee
  • eat
  • Films and beers
All in all pretty good routeen! Some days paddling was changed for hiking or mountain biking! Got quite a few run's in the boat in, but as teh water levels were low didnt get a huge amount of great rivers in. Did the Upper and lower Eanymore water twice each, once high and once low each. Upper is great in high water, quick and fun, but not to constant. The Owenwee was the highlight of the trip though. 4km spate river, top 1km is flat. Did the whole run, including the shuttle back to the top and the portage to the put on in 25 minutes ;) 30m/km gradient. Very consistent. the last 2km are just a run of drops, much better than the Mcnasty and much more fun.

New years eve was the best i have ever had. In a tiny tiny local in Kilcar, only locals and us playing darts and drinking Guinness in the corner. Great. Did some hiking on Sliebh Leiuge on New Years Day and had a great relaxing day all in all.

Great week, lots of relaxing and just chilling out playing board games and chatting. Just what i needed after last semester. Feeling much more relaxed and not to freaked about study or training. But exams are looming so better get back to it.

149 days to go.

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