Wednesday, November 26

Tuesday nights are full of.....pain

Training last night was interesting. Wet, dark, windy and cold. My most hated combination. But still i persevered. Loads at the session, maybe 16 close to 20 i reckon, and it was a good tough session.

Started off with the usual modified mini me warm up course on some pretty soggy ground. Then had a nice little 10 lapper on it. Felt good during the race and wasn't far off the main bunch finishing, nowhere even close to being lapped which is a good change. Did some more alternative line work on the same course, then out came the running.

Same course but with a 50m dismount/run/mount section thrown in to mix it up. Did a few laps on this and then another mini-me race. Managed to hold on for 5th which for me is great! The running deffo helped and i felt strong and fast for it.

Did a bit more racing and then came the real running. Up to the big hill and a new course was set. Nice hard climb on the bike, slippy turn at the goals, then a savage run and off camber descent onto the tarmac, another quick slippy corner then back on the hill. Felt ok for the first few warm up laps, then the race came. 2 laps in stepped up a gear, and come the final gap i still had a gear to go. First time this has happened in training and i felt great! Finished with the bunch albeit a little back as i snotted myself on the last remount :(

Getting better on the cross bike, looking forward to transferring these skills onto the MTB this Spring/Summer and kicking some ass!

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