Monday, November 3

Cold wet and windy

Winter has arrived and its here with a kick in the head. It's cold, very cold and in a way its kinda nice. I don't mind cold on the bike, or running, and it tends to be warm indoors in the pool! But when it gets windy i just die. I hate being on the bike in the wind and i cant stand how much i have to drop off running when its windy. Add in the dark nights coming in earlier and earlier and it gets hard to train and motivation becomes a much more valuable commodity.

However the last couple of weeks have been going well. Training volume has slowly been creeping back up and harder sessions have been making their way back into my training. Bike volume is nice and long but the intensity is slow and steady...unless i want to push it a bit :) Still getting out on nice 3 hr spins but not at any mad pace. Mixing it up between on and off road work at the moment, but spending allot of time on the cyclocross bike even going as far as doing road sessions for 3 hrs on the bike with my cross tires. May as well train on what i race i say.

Running is going much better than ever for this time of the year. Getting out for 2 runs every week between 45 and 1:30 mins. Actually finding that my pace is not going up but i am able to stay out for longer at the same pace. Did a nice 18km run the weekend before last with 10km on rad and 8km on local trails. Felt great and kept the pace up on the trails that i had on the road. Getting easier too run for longer now, feels great to be out in the mud too!

Swimming...well i always find it hard to get into a pool, way too much of my childhood was spent in one and i still don't have the best relationship with one so the less said the better. I'm still in 2 times a week, but i should be in 3 times, i just never seem to make that 3rd session.....

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