Thursday, December 4

The Judderman has arrived

By this i mean it is dark, cold, frosty and generally a little scary going outside.

Not that i am being tempted to do evil things by some dude with spiky hair. Although i suppose i am being told to go outside and run by a man with a monkey on his chest....

Speaking of which Rich Brady, aka Tri-Monkey; aka Coach, was over on Monday giving me some pointers and helping me figure out what the aims are for next season. Had some good chats (with much coffee) about where i am at and where i am going with all this training.

Long story short Xterra UK and France are the targets. Haven't talked about much on the domestic scene yet as the calendar ain't out yet, but i think ill be looking at the regular; Fingal,Beast of the East, Dublin City anyway. Going to look at Kinsale and a few other Olys as well. Not tied down to too many races yet, but have too considder the XC season, and a few hill runs as well.

I need to sit with my new 2009 diary, the interweb, some coffee and bank balance to figure out what i can afford to do. I can race a bit more at home this year too as i now have a car! Go me, and thanks Dad for your old motor!

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