Tuesday, November 18

Cross racing, velodromes, and beers

Its been a good two weeks. Cross season has finally arrived and in the spirit of all things Belgian i have also been indulging in a spot of beverage. Not too many, but way more than normal.

First cross race of the season was in Corkagh Park for me. unfortunalty i was out until quite late the night before and was wrecked come race day. Went through the motions of warming up, but it was plainly obvious that i was not on form. Raced anyway and finished in the points but still +1lap. Still was good to get the legs going even if the mud was making my bike try to kill itself.

Last week was a bit of a sham as i had loads to catch up on after the conference and that pretty much messed up everything. Luckly it was an easy week on the training front and it didnt afect me as much as the week before.

Went over too manchester on Thursday with Peter and met Pauline and Carys over there for a nice trip to the Velodrome to watch some serious *cough* track racing. Great night and the nice cheap beers made it even better. Wandered back to Fallowfield after where the rest of the Irish group who were over joined us for a few more cheap beers...and at 3am we were kicked out of the pub. Went to an IceHocky match on Sunday. Slept alot after.

Back to training this week. Lets hope its better than the last two weeks!

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