Monday, November 3


Sneg = Snow in Russian.

Man its been great, so cold and so little wind for a change. Friday was spent in town buying a new suit for my graduation next week, but on the way in i noticed the snow on the local mountains. A quick suggestion to Wagger's about hitting the trails in Wicklow and it was arranged. Snow biking on Saturday!

Hopped in the van nice and early and spun out to Wicklow. Decided to do a nice loop from Glendhalough up over Mullacor and back too the van for soup in Lynhams Pub in Laragh. Freekin cold on the way out and only passed 2 or 3 walkers. In the shade for the first 30 mins until we broke above the tree line and finally got some sun. First 10km nice climbing with a bit of downhill in some slop. But pretty much climbing to the top of the hill. Great views over too Lug and the south of Wicklow. Snow every where.

Quite exposed up on the ridge so we didn't spend much time, took a few quick snaps and made a snowman then dropped off the steep side of the mountain. So funny coming back down towards hill walkers at full tilt dropping off stepdowns into snow with no idea what was in it, how deep it was, or if there was a hole or not. Just as we hit the bottom of the mountain and were heading back for the second ridge, Waggers derailleur was shunted into his rear wheel and 3 spokes decided to part company. Ironic as we were only chatting about how he had never had to re-true the wheels in 3 years.... Unfortunately this meant the end of the spin, so we freewheeled back down the fire road to the van and picked up some soup.

Best part of the day : Trails to yourself cause the hill walkers are scared of a little snow

Worst part of the day : Descending on fire roads, frozen hands and brakes that work too well in snow

Luckiest part of the day: My front wheel quick release coming un-done as i was riding a set of 20 steps at full tilt, beside a groups of tourists, on the bank of a 20 foot drop into a waterfall... yeah....I'd rather not think about the consequences.

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