Monday, November 24

New Season; New Goals; Recap

So i decided its about time too think and talk about last season.

Did i achieve my goals?
Well frankly no. I was aiming for top 5 at the track nationals, i made 8. Sure i was sick, but to be honest i didn't do enough in the gym last winter and it showed on my top end power. I failed to go sub 5 in the HIM, and i didn't get a new PB for 200m, cause i didn't spend any time on the track. However, i got a new sprint distance PB, i raced some unreal endurance races, and i now know i am capable of racing for 7 days straight.

Am i happy with my training last year?
Well yes and no. I had a look at my time in each area from last year and i broke it down (season was 2/Nov/07 - 31/Oct/08)
  • Road/Tri bike 156.8 hours - less than the year before, but still good considering it was final year. Not sure how much of this is track time
  • MTB 89.8 hours - Happy enough, should have been more but college and all that, does include the Transwales
  • Running 22.5 hours - piss poor. No other way to put it. I've probably done half of this already this season
  • Swimming 7.2 hours - ??? no fucking way this is right. I could go through a years data, but i am not arsed. In the end i did not spend enough time in the pool and it showed.
  • Race time 30 hours - WOW, add in a week for the Transwales and we have about 95 hrs of racing, that's allot.
Did my power output change much?
Yes dear god yes. Average power for the season last year was about 175W. Now that includes allot of training for endurance. Average wattage during races was about 200-220W which was grand but i need to be putting out higher wattage on the TT bike. Peak power was up about 1,296W. Little down on last year, maybe 100W, but not by much which is good. Still have the ability to power up when i need too.

So now a new season has started, 24 days in and how am i feeling?
Well i've done a few cross races, doing allot more running, and gunning it on the bike. So i feel good. Allot of changes needed to happen for me this year. I'm sub 80kg and that's the borderline. I will not get heavier, i want to race at sub 75kg this summer to do this i need to balance the muscle gain in the new year with the fat loss that is going on. I feel Strong and confident, even though i've had a few lapses in my training i reckon i am capable of racing strong next summer. Not setting down concrete goals until i meet with Rich next Monday, but i have some ideas.

In short?
Bring it.


Mike said...

Only 7 hours of swimming? I don't think you logged them all somehow!

Greg said...

yeah... i reckon thats just a tad wrong