Monday, November 24

Tymon Park South Cross Race

I had a nice 3hr session to do on the bike on Sunday. So i rode out to the track and meet Will and the kids to go for a spin.... to a cross race. I know i was supposed to be doing an endurance session. I just can't resist the MUD!!!

Freekin cold does not even describe Sunday. So so cold, and the wind just made it worse. But the kids didn't turn up so Will decided to drive out to the race. If we hadn't had the car it would have been a quick spin back home and no racing.

The race itself was evil, pure sweet evil hell. I both loved and hated every minute of it. Great course with some excellent sections that you had too run cause the mud was so deep you had no other option. Sure as hell couldn't ride it!

Did ok, finished +1 but felt much better than last time. Average HR was 173 and maxed out at 186. Felt like i could push for a change and could keep the power on for longer than last few times. Was good, still need to work on getting it going for longer.
Rode home after the race, what should have been a 45 min spin took nearly 1:30. Simply put i was wasted. Took it easy for the rest of the day, ate, drank and lived in my compression gear. Feeling much better today and went out for a nice 50min run to stretch the random is that!


Mike said...

How's your running coming along?
Are you planning any big triathlon races for next year, or going to concentrate on biking a bit more?

Mike said...

Oh, the course looked like fun, can't wait until St. Anne's Park now :)

Greg said...

Running is going well. Out doing 10kms on mondays and thursdays and a long session most sats (1hr 30 ish). Getting better and faster, noticing it on the CX races, probably one of my strong points on them.

Still going to be on the MTB allot over the summer, but Xterra is where i intend to be at next summer. Will do a few 'normal' tri's too and probs a 70.3. Just need to chat to Rich about which one and when!

Mike said...

I might join you for some runs in the next few weeks. What time are you going out on Saturday?

Anonymous said...

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