Wednesday, April 2

A week of ups and downs

Well I've been busy, both with college and life.

I have allot of work to do for my FYP so i've decided to not go to Holland. Couldn't get track time anyway so it makes no difference, just a pity as i was looking forward to the break.

I need to get some more people for my project, one more should do, but i need to get working on it, and my other two projects.

Picked up the Rocky Mountain, very very happy with it. Went for a short easy spin today with Wags and Grainne. I like it, its very very quick, and accelerates like a beast. Looking forward to racing it....oh wait this weekend!

Even though i have to spend the next two days up to my eyes in work, i do get to race at the weekend. Out in Djouce on trails i haven't seen in 3 or 4 years :) its alllll good.

Dehydration trial in the morning for me, then behind a computer all day :(

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