Wednesday, April 30

College life nearly at an end

Its been a bloody hectic few weeks

I have a load of HUGE projects due, one last week which went in fine, one last friday which went idea how good it is....and my big one due on the 15th. Still havent fully shifted this cold but at least i can train again.

Had another weeekend in Manchester. Got some training done in the National Aquatic Centre over in the city. Nice pool, little too warm maybe, but not to bad, kick ass facility. Cheap as chips too! Got a nice run in one evening and ate much curry over the weekend. Was Pauline's birthday and Ide and Una were over so ended up doing a good bit of touristy stuff too!

Had a bit of a flap at my project on monday. Got a bit worried and decided not to do the session i had planned. Pool session and a run yesterday made up for it. Neither were too long or demanding, i just need to get back into said groove after the cold. Planning a quick session tonight before dinner, just get out on the bike for an hour, then back to the book's/laptop for the evening.

Bit of work coming up over the next few days too, damn i'm broke!

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