Friday, April 4

Mud glorious mud

Went for a spin after college today. Myself and Macker from the club. Up to Howth straight onto the trails on the nice little light weight XC bikes! On the way out Macker broke his chain accelerating away from some lights, then again as we started up the first big hill of the day! Got it fixed, then headed off too the trails at full speed!

Macker had only the front brake, which decided to fail half way through the day. Which made for some fun when we hit the harder parts of the trails, the tight corners didn't quite suit him, or the trying to brake on the shale with only the front brake! Slidey slidey! Mud all over the place some nice little puddles to catch you out :)

Going to do the pre-ride and race entry tomorrow at the K-Capital race out in Djouce. Hope it dries up a bit, starting to rain, and Djouce is known for roots. I hate roots. I hate them more when they are wet.

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