Sunday, April 6

Race, snow and suckage

Well the race was interesting yesterday. Woke up, turned on the radio and heard them talking about scared. Looked out window. Dry...hmm. Went outside. Fuck it's cold! Brrr, re packed bag with warm clothes.

Spun the bike out to Wag's to meet him and Peter, and noticed that the mountains had a nice dusting of snow. Uh oh me thinks... Packed van and drove to the race. Arrived to find many many more people than the day before at the pre-ride. Somewhat confused but not worried. Went warmed up and went to the start finish area. 70 people lined up in our class! Unreal so many people and the first lap was going to be hell! Oh the commissar decided we were doing 3 laps not the 2 laps. Git.

Charging the first section, hell everywhere, people crashing and overtaking in stupid placed, but sure its all in the nature of the race :) Took it easy on the first lap, didn't want to crash wanted to suss the course out. Slower on the second lap as i got held up by some twat on Gran Canaria and the third lap was decent pace considering that it was the last lap. Made up a load of places there. Snowed allot during the race, and massive hail burst all the time, made for some odd racing in shorts and a jersey! Was still freeked by that section i fell on Saturday so lost time there every lap, i reckon i was loosing a minute a lap on it. But just goes to show all this time on the TT bike has affected my mountain biking, that and my brakes were on backwards.....and my bars spun half way through a section. But i the end, it wasn't a technical, i just didn't have the balls. But in a good way, cause i haven't crashed and mangled myself :)

Came 34th out of the 70, with 27 people on either (+1) lap or more i was just happy to finish! Great race, could have done a few more laps, wasn't actually tired, but was deffo feeling fit.

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david santos said...

Hello, Greg!
I loved this post and this blog.
Have a nice day.