Monday, April 21

Cough, sneeze , splutter!

Bleugh, that's all i can say.

It's still not gone! I've been up to my ears in Vit C and water, but it still wont go away!

I reckon the combo of college and training have finally got to me. I've had to back right off the training. I need to shift this, only 40 days to go and I've had this a week so far.

Went to work on Saturday on the side of a cold windy rugby pitch, to watch a terrible game!

Sunday i was up at stupid o'clock to get to the park with Grainne for 8:30. Doing another beginners in triathlon coaching days. I was running a clinic on cadence and pedalling tech. Generally ranted on about efficiency and how its important! Then we had a mock race/duathlon.

Only a 2/10/2 km circuit but still fun. Took it easy on the run and the first lap on the bike. Chest opened up ok which i was surprised at, came home first off the bike, 3rd in the end. Could feel the lungs giving up at the end, green phlegm all over the side of the road. Was happy out, i reckon i did the slowest transition i have ever done for T1! Not even funny, i even stopped to have a quick banter with Jag :) Ok i said like 3 sentences to him!

Cycle home was hell on earth, in the rain, into the wind and it was fucking freezing. Came home so cold, got into the shower and stayed there until it was so warm it hurt. Nice. Had a snooze for an hour to get better, felt so good.

Monday; lots of college work and ppl getting panicked all over the shop.Just got my work done then went off on my own, i don't do other peoples panic. Helped Jane sort some stuff out that was about it.

Was going to go for a quick run, but i'm starting to feel better so i figure, push it back another day and i should be ok for a 5km to see how the legs are.

40 days

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