Monday, March 31

My weekend in brief

Was not so good for training.

I was working down in Cork. So Cycled into the train station and went to work, finished up late enough and had dinner in a nice Indian...i had a few 4. Then went to bed in my nice hotel that the sports council paid for. Hour went forward, damn it less sleep.

Next day, went home on the train, in the fantastic weather! Cycled home from town nice and slow because was sunny! For the first time in ages! So we decided to go to Ballinastoe. Me, Waggers, and Ronan. It was an easy day, Ronans first time on a MTB and first time on a trail. It was funny, but he did well! SO quite an easy day on the legs, but fun none the less.

Didn't do much today, was in the lab and was late up, quite tired from the weekend of nothing! Have to go dehydrate tomorrow morning, going to have a nice cycle in, then a quick pool session after! Have some testing tomorrow....then getting a look at a new XC full sus frame from one of the lads i'm testing :) sshhhhhhhh its another Rocky Mountain! Sweet!

On another note, i think i broke my Psylos (MTB forks). This makes me angry!

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SeanMc said...

That was a lucky weekend for you.... being sent to Cork :)