Sunday, September 30

River paddling, I'd forgoton it was fun!

Spent yesterday (sat) relaxing in Andy's house with a few other friends playing Halo 3. one fo those lazy days, eating crap food and drinking fizzy drinks. Didn't get home to bed until 2am.

Woke up today. Made coffee, so tired. So very tired. Arrhghg stupid phone making loud ringing noise's. Waggers on the phone 'barbale barbale abrble Dargle is running barble barble barble half an hours and ill be there' Long story short we ended up driving to Wicklow to go do some rivers.

I had taken a seista from paddling for 6 months. Got back in a boat for the first time last wed, then went to Wicklow to do some paddling. Darlge was low so ended up doing the Annamoe and the Lower Glenmcnass. Nice day, low water but fun none the less.

Back to college tomorrow, week two begin's

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