Tuesday, September 4

Work finaly finished

It's taken me a while, mostly cause im a lazy git, but I finished my INTRA report. Basicly a report on what i did during my work placement for college. In the end it turned out like one of those essays you got in the first week back in primary school when the teachers havent quite got into the grove of 'I hate my job but i have to do it' and are still in the 'I hate you bastards' stage. You know those essays 'What i did on my holidays' and so on.

Well heading to France on Friday. Going to do a bit of touring on the motorbike an then take a week training at the European Canoe Polo champs. Friend is bringing my bike and some other gear over for me so going to take it as a nice week to get back into training. Planning to get about 10 sessions in over the first week, then take a few days off after....wine and cheese.

I'll post up my idea for the training when i figure it out today


andrew said...

Don't Eat Cheese its bad for you.
Or Wine or Cheese they are both bad for you.
Eat Jam or 3 in 1 oil. They are good for Iron Personages.

Greg said...

3 in 1 oil you say.....hmmmm