Tuesday, September 4


Argrgrghghgh. I had enough of not training. Needed to go for a spin. So with the excuse of doing a shakedown on the bike before i go to France i went for a spin over my local hill, Howth.

Went out for 35mins, just pushing but not to hard. Average HR of 178 bpm, average power of 204 watts. Nice short spin only 16km But pretty much all uphill for the first half, then down sweet down on the way back.

Got this lovely pretty graph too. Hell if i know what most of it dose. But i'll figure the new program out eventually.


Mike said...

That's a pretty cool graph. What is the green line for? It says RPM, so does that mean cadence?

Greg said...

Yeah green cadance, red HRM, yellow power, blue speed, grey is torque