Thursday, September 6

All ready to go.

I'm heading to France tomorrow for two weeks. Did all my final bits of packing today, trundled around the house for most of the day as i was full of cake from the party in Pauline's last night. Cake + Ironman = not a good combination. But sure I'm on holiday!

Heading over on the Motorbike and my friend is bringing over my road bike. Planning to get some training in over the two weeks as well as have a bit of a relax. Hopefully Sean will come out with me for a few sessions. If not I have the MP3 player. Should be a nice start to the training season and I'm hoping that the weather will be better than it was in Ireland over the summer.

Going to head to St.Malo first, then over to Thury-Harcourt (near Caen) to watch the European Canoe Polo champs. Base myself out of here to do some cycling and a bit of running.

Planning a BIG shopping spree in Decathalon!

I'll try to post when away

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