Thursday, October 4

Stupid rivers.... :)

No idea how i did it but i strained my calf muscles on my left leg after paddling on the river on Sunday last. Either I'm just not used to sitting in a boat again, or i hit a rock a little harder than i thought. Bottom line is that I've not been doing to well on the walking front. Its ok to cycle places, once i don't try to brake on the fixie with my legs!

So haven't been getting in much training in. Ive been cycling to college again, nice to get out and good to be riding to work. We have had our clubs and socs days this week in college, trying to recruit people for the canoe and cycling club. Numbers seem to be down in most clubs, but we got what we want so no issue!

Heading off to Manchester this weekend, yey! Probably wont post until monday again.

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