Thursday, September 27


DOMS = delayed onset muscle soreness. Kicks in 48-72 hrs after a big session.

Long story short first session back in the gym in 2 months on Tuesday. Entire session was upperbody based and now my arms and back hurt like hell. Add to that going paddlin yesterday and doing a half endurance/sprint session against the flow and my arms are killing me.

Another weights session planned for today, lower body thankfully. So i reckon by Saturday ill be in bits again.

However Halo3 is out and this will entertain me while i cant move!

Ended up not doing a weights session, forgot my gym gear but brought my pool gear! SO did a swim session instead. 4 x100m free, then 2 x 100m legs only, 2 x 100m arms only, 100m free. Then a quick little shower and off to the sauna.

Went out testing for the ICS-ADU tonight, wheelchair basket ball. Interesting, pity that i was testing a team from Lithuania who didn't speak English...

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