Saturday, January 12

Hard week...not in training

It's been a tough week. I've been studying all week with only one short spin on the bike for about half an hour. Had my first exam on Friday, happy enough with how it went, but cant wait until i get the next two out of the way.

Planning a session on the turbo tonight just to get the legs turning over and because im having a fat day, man period or whatever you want to call it. Bottom line i feel like crap. I know its cause im not exercising. But still it sucks.

With this in mind im planning on doing my local hill run tomorrow. Havent run off road propperly in a few (8) years so i reckon i will be in bits after it. Its only 8.5km but a steep enough trail. Looking forward to it actually. Going to try and get in the rest of the winter league races too if i can. Good training and a bit of fun.

Was working out in the National Boxing Stadium yesterday, great event, loads of people at it. Kept having to dodge the cameras, but worked out well.

Well back too study.

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