Monday, January 28

It's been a while..... never confused

So yeah haven't posted in a while.

What have i been up too. Well i've finished my exams last Thursday. No more exams in DCU ever, bar repeats, which shouldn't happen. Happy to be finished, only hit me a few days after the exam that im finished. Just the big projects left to go!

Took the Monday and Tuesday to rest up after the exam. Didn't get sore legs after the race, which is a first for me! Got some study in during the week and a few sessions in, mostly i was studying. I figured i could get a first in nutrition if i put the work in. Just did some short cycle sessions and made sure i was watching what i was eating all week. Studying all week helped that! Weather all week was unreal, loads of rain, loads of heavy wind. Not the best for training.

Friday after the relaxing of an exam night i decided to go for a spin with Jeff. Windy was an understatement for the day. Jeff was tired from study and an exam that morning. So went out and did 40km in the wind, great when the wind was behind us, hell when it was into our face. Stopped of for a coffee in Howth, partially to rest, partially cause Jeff was dying :) Chilled out that evening and did shag all. played with my computer and rested. Was nice to actually have nothing to worry about for a change.

Saturday was a different story. I had got a ring from a lady in Triathlon Ireland during the week asking me would i do some cycle coaching at a beginners day. No worries, bit of coaching with some other coaches would do me good, get me back in the grove. Then the Tri coach they had arranged pulled out at the last minute. So i ended up being promoted to head coach! Not a major issue , just meant getting sessions together at very short notice. But sure that worked out in the end. We had over 60 people and 10 or so helpers too. Each of the Dublin clubs sent people out to help, they acted as coaches for me too. Split up into 3 abilities the day went well, more or less all were beginners but some had a little more experience than others.

Spun out to Hugh's after the coaching day, sat around and ate some breaky and drank some tea. Genreally we ended up just talking cycling for an hour or so. Was nice to rest up then cycled home after. All in all got a 60km session in for theday. Most of it was at recovery pace or just about aerobic pace. Still nice to get some millage in and get rid of more of this christmas fat! Ankle is still sore :( going to get Odile to have a look at it later, hope she weill have an idea!

Over in Manchester for a week now. Going to get some training in, and some resting. Just need to chill out for a week before i get back into the long hard grove that is going to be my fourth year project. On top of that i'm going to finalise my training programme for the next few months before the HIM.

Getting psyched over this race now! Great to be chatting to other tri heads at the coaching day, got me going again.

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