Monday, January 7

Cyclocross = Hard

So in the spirit of all things cycling I decided to enter the cyclocross nationals.

I am a fool.

I figured it would be a fast bimble about a wood, on some tracks, some tarmac and maybe some muddy grass. Yeah I'm more than fit enough to do a 1 hour race over my lactate threshold or so! No worries ...yeah sure.

Mass start with a huge sprint for the first hill, carnage, ended up bike and riders all over the place, few crashes led to running the first half of the first single track section, then it began, took a few places on the first lap. Then I started to suffer. Quick singletrack interspaced with grass slogs and super fast tarmac sections. First 3 laps were fine, keeping place, head up and doing what I could! Then the guy who finished in first place lapped me. I felt so insulted, started to charge the course, dropped into a steep section a little to tight *BAM* slammed into a tree with my left shoulder and head, grounded, grabbed bike, realised number was gone ran back, nuts no pins. Random girl gave me a hair-band to hold it on. Thanks! Just couldn't get back into the groove, felt like shit so went out to put in as many laps as i could. One or two other squiffy moments but rest of the race was fine. Didn't get the 9 laps in, but only 5 riders did so i don't feel to bad! 7 laps later I realised this was a fun sport, one I'll never excel in but i will hope to do better in next year!

Enjoyed the race, will do it again, no i have the bike i have no excuses, except that i might put a small ring on it too.

Plan for the week, today is a rest day, might do an hour later on the turbo. Then study for Donals exam on Friday, oh yes finals! Pretty much just study and train. Going to work out what the week plan is later. Prolly post it tonight.

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